Meet the Ebike

Supercharge your ride and hop on an ebike. With a pedal-assist motor, you can explore Metro Boston in a whole new way.

Feel the Boost

Say goodbye to tired legs and difficult hill climbs. With speeds of up to 18 mph, you can ride faster and farther than ever before. Just start pedaling and let the power kick in.

Long-lasting Battery

Our ebikes are equipped with an enhanced battery that lets you ride more miles without worrying about losing charge.

Price by the Minute

Bluebikes members pay $0.10/minute. No unlock fee.*

Non-members pay $0.25/min plus $2.95 to unlock.*

Bright in the Night

Feel more at ease during nighttime ebike rides with a powerful LED light on the front and custom reflective paint to help you stay visible.

Your Perfect Fit

We've added more seat height options with a new, easier seat adjuster, so you can find the seat height that’s juuust right.

Confident Know-how

New to ebikes? No stress. Our built-in LCD screen is there to help you use the bike and guide you every step of the way.

Smooth Gears

Spend less time fiddling with gears and more time enjoying the ride with our smooth single gear transmission.

End Your Ride

You can dock your ebike at any of the 400+ Bluebikes stations. Just be sure to wait for the green light after you return the bike to make sure it's locked.

Safety tips for seamless rides

  • Check your speed. Adjust your riding speed to match the ebike speed limit and take extra care and caution when riding around others.
  • Avoid riding on sidewalks. Unlike regular pedal bikes, ebikes aren’t permitted on sidewalks. Plan your route to stick to designated bike lanes or roads.
  • Share multi-use paths. Ebike riders are allowed on multi-use paths unless otherwise indicated. Ride slowly and give ample space around pedestrians and slower riders at all times.

Let’s Ride

Ready to take an ebike for a spin? To find one, just download the Bluebikes app and feel the power of the electric ride.

Learn more about the Bluebikes ebikes

*Prices are subject to change over the course of a membership.

Ebike FAQ