Be Prepared With a Bike Fit

Riding with Bluebikes is easy, convenient, and fun. Read up on these features and you’ll be Bluebiking like a pro in no time!

The Right Height

Appropriate seat height is essential to a comfortable and convenient ride. Be sure to adjust your seatpost beforehand:

Loosen the locknut on the right side of the seat clamp, then open the clamp.

Reposition the seat to hip level.

Tighten the locknut, then close the clamp.

Gently push down on the seat to ensure it won’t slip while you’re riding.

Stash Your Stuff

Bluebikes come with different basket types to accommodate all sorts of cargo. Original models have narrow baskets, perfect for smaller bags and personal items. Newer models have wider bucket baskets with more carrying capacity.

Choose the basket you like best — and remember to always secure your items with the convenient elastic cord.

Put a Ring on it

There’s a bell on the left handlebar. Don’t be afraid to use it — it’s the best way to let other commuters or pedestrians know you’re there! Just twist it forward.

Get Your Shift Together

Bluebikes use seamless continuous gear shifting, which is a fancy way of saying that we’ve built in a nuanced shifting system to let you find your perfect gear as you ride. Find it on the right handlebar.

Pro Tip:**text in italic be sure to continue pedaling as you shift — it’s good for the bike and ensures effortless shifting.